Thursday, September 07, 2006

Womp womp womp

We're back, California is lovely there are parts that really remind me of central PA. We had a good time at legoland, sea world, and coronado island!! I posted some pics on my flickr account.

I got my final package from my SP8! I didn't take pics before I put it all away in my after vacation cleaning psychosis. We loved everything though :-) (we being the kids and I). I posted a message on your blog in case you didn't see it before GO READ IT!! You were a great SP :-)

I'm debating to join SP9 or not. I guess i should go over to the SP9 blog to help me figure that out..i'm moving in Dec and I think that's during the exchange so that might be bad. Don't know.

I'm still not allowed to knit though i'm really starting to get twitchy about hands still hurt a good bit by the end of the day no thanks to having two small children to take care of.

haven't gotten my test results back yet i'm stalling...i swear i'll go tomorrow though..or monday...